Knox Gelatin for Arthritis

Knox Gelatin for Arthritis

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Do you suffer from arthritis, and wish that you could actually do something about it? Well, let me tell you something that just might change the way you live, work, and move. You see, did you know that most of us have a raging calcium deficiency? Yes, this is correct. Despite the fact that we consume so much milk and other dairy products, most of us do not intake as much calcium as we need. Well, have you ever heard of Nutra Joint? You can buy it in any grocery store in boxes of individually wrapped packets.  Did you know that if you take a dose of Nutra Joint every day, you can significantly decrease, if not get rid of completely, the aching, pain, and stiffness associated with arthritis?

Knox gelatin is an amazing way to get rid of arthritis, or to at least help in the treatment of it. So, why is this you might ask?  Well, gelatin’s structure is very similar to that of collagen type 2 in structure. Collagen type 2 comprises the tissues that help connect in our bodies, including the connective tissues of cartilage.

There are some concerns about knox gelatin to treat arthritis. One concern is that, since it is derived from animals, it might be unacceptable for vegetarians and/or some religious groups. In these cases, fruit pectin is an alternative worth looking into, as it is the corresponding substance derived from fruit. Many, many people have claimed to see a significant reduction in arthritis after being on gelatin.  Gelatin is especially effective when mixed with calcitonin.  Also, there are some German studies that found results to be positive.

As a whole, gelatin is safe for everyone to take. There are a few spotty reports of people getting upset stomachs while using gelatin, and if you are allergic to animals that gelatin can potentially come from, than it would be a good idea to avoid it. However, other than these rare instances, knox gelatin has been shown to be completely safe and beneficial.

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