Snake Venom Arthritis Methods

Snake Venom Arthritis Methods

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Dr Naftali Primor, the research and development manager of Shulov Institute for Sciences Ltd was the first to declare the theory that snake venom arthritis methods are efficient in controlling arthritis pain. The Britain Israel Communications and Research Center reported that Dr Naftali Primor with the help of his research team has classified certain chemicals found in the venoms of various species of cobras and rattle snakes as well as vipers as being highly potent. They can be used as an analgesic for chronic pains that cancer may cause secondarily and more importantly arthritis, which primarily causes serious pain.

Although this is an official proclamation of snake venom’s ability to curb pain, reports of people being cured of arthritis pain through snake-bites were found even before this theory by Dr Primor. The first reported case was an Englishman of sixty-six years age, he was a chronic arthritis patient who got bitten by a snake in his garden and told the BBC news channel in 2002 that he was cured of his finger joint pain totally for at least three to four weeks, after which it was mild for two more months and it finally came back to him after that. The mysterious report caught the attention of quite a few people back then.

Primor liked snakes from an early age and snake venom’s medicinal elements always fascinated him and perhaps that was the reason why he was destined to be the one to find snake venom arthritis methods ultimately. Dr Shulov informed Dr Primor in the 1980s that Russians often used salves of viper venom to treat aches and pains of chronic type; it was this knowledge that gave him the idea or concept to research further in to the topic.

VeP-3, the analgesic was made first from the venom of a Palestinian Viper, Dr Primor mentioned that among the one thousand molecules that the snakes venom has, only four to five molecules can be called venomous, which meant that at least ninety-nine percent of the venom is non-poisonous, thus the medicinal possibilities of the snake’s venom was undeniably great.

Dr Primor mentions that he is hoping to create a pain release cream made out of snake venom which might be able to heal arthritis pain better than most other creams, in fact he also cites the example of Merck & Company and mentions their ‘Super Aspirin’ which they used to prevent blood clots and heart attacks. The medicine is called Aggrastat, which is also a derived out of snake venom.

The subject of snake venom arthritis methods is still undergoing research because in order to use it safely and effectively, one needs to do through research and experiments that involve time and expertise. In the meanwhile, one can conclude this much that the research does show promise and may be one day such a super effective cream will come out to relieve the patients of arthritis, but before that be careful not to experiment with your own body by taking snake bites.

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